7 things to check before your today stream

DO YOU PLAN TO STREAM TODAY? Then shall check these 7 points before you start your stream and go live.

1. Dress properly

Do you just wake up and plan to start streaming in pyjama? Forgot about that. First thing you have to is put on some proper clothes, it can be anything from geeky style with Star Wars T-shirt some casual style, but do not forget that you shall always look good on the stream.

New people who will come to your stream will have better first impression about you, if you are good looking.

2. Civilize your hairstyle

This is connected to the rule no. 1. It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl but try to look as cool as you can. You shall be looking nice and comfortable, so you would not be scared of other people to watch you. The basic rule will be, look like as you would be comfortable to go out for cinema or similar event, and you will be comfortable to stream.

3. Clean your room

If you want to be successful your environment, which will pop up on the webcam shall be clean and if possible, thematically decorated. Do you have dirty clothes lying on a chair where you sit and gaming? Throw it to the washing machine.

For a lot of viewers, it is bothering to see rubbish on the stream and will discourage more viewers than attract. Do you want to discourage people from watching your stream? Then you can stay gaming offline in your dirty room, the success is at a cost and in this case, cleaning is the least you can do.

4. Decide which game you want to play

Are you regularly streaming one game? How about you make some small change for one day? check which games are popular, if there is any new game released in a genre you usually play why not to give it a try? Entertaining a viewer with something new can help your stream and attract people, who are interested in a new game. And who knows, maybe latter they will come back to your stream even if you play your favourite game.

5. Start the stream with introduction and small chat

This rule is optional, many streamers will go online and straight play a game. But you can notice the biggest streamers usually start their stream with chatting with the audience, it is because during the stream there are so much interactions that they cannot follow everything.

6. Is it your regular streaming hours?

For having your audience ready for your stream, it is important to start the stream at similar time and do not make huge changes. If you plan to stream one day at peak time about 8pm and two days after going live at 6am is not a good idea. In this case you will split your audience in two part (morning viewers and evening viewers) and will not use full potential of your stream.

If you have nothing to do, rather go to the gym, relax and start your stream in the regular hours, so your spectators will be ready for you and exited to see you.

7. Check if you have all applications set up

If you have successfully finished all previous points you are ready to go, but before you shall check, once more, that all your devices are plugged in before you start streaming, there are many occasions, when streamers have been streaming whole sessions without noticing their volume is muted.

So, before you press that START STEAMING button, check your volume, microphone, webcam and display recording and you will be ready to “GO!”

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