How to earn money streaming

There are many options, how to earn outstanding amount of money while you are streaming, but the start is slow. Regarding on the platform you use for the streaming the options differs. On all platforms the biggest income will be from donations, but the differences are that for example on Twitch and Mixer you after get money from the subscription, on the other hand on YouTube and Facebook the main income after donations will be ads.

The special topic is affiliate programs and cooperation with brands, to support their products.


Donations are the easiest and fastest way how to monetize your stream. It is accessible for every streamer, no matter how many viewers or subscribers you have. All you need is to setup a PayPal (or other platform) account and publish link to it on your stream. If you want to be a little more professional connect your PayPal with your Donations pop-up account. This will allow you to show the donation on the pop-up screen while you are streaming. This interaction is good for the viewers, because they are notified, that their donation was delivered.

As a streamer, if you want to receive more of these donations frequently, you shall interact with the stream after the donation is delivered. The rule is, the more money the spectator donate, the more you interact with him, in this way he will be satisfied and will be encouraged to deliver money again in the future.

Good idea to think about is to set up a minimal amount, when donation will appear on the screen, you do not want have the screen flooded with 1 cent donations, so better to set it up for at least one or two dollars. You can even set up a necessity to confirm all the donation pop-ups, just to avoid any hate messages or other advertisements you do not want to have on your stream. As cool it is to receive a donation, it is a gift, so you are not obliged to provide any service to a viewer, who gifted the money to you. Donation button can look like this, this one is connected to my personal donationbox, so you can see and get inspired how it looks like.

Donations taxing

It is important to mention, that each country has different opinion, on how it shall be taxed. Paypal does not lower the income from the donations and you are awarded full price, which is different for example to the Twitch currency Bits, because twitch will calculate these bits into the total money you earned together with subs, and apply tax on the total income before sending you the money. With the PayPal donations it is only the streamer responsibility to check, if in his Country the donations are taxable income and pay money to the state from it. Based on quick research for example in the Czech law, you are not obliged to tax such small gifts as donations usually are and then you do not have to worry about it.

Some of the streaming platform even has its own donation system, for example Twitch offers bits. These are not as popular as PayPal donations, because more of the money are reduced as the payment to the Twitch for the processing of these donations, but some viewers find them attractive and use them to support their favourite streamers.


Did you manage to achieve twitch, mixer or other platform affiliate status? GOOD JOB! Now your viewers receive a new function, which is possibility to subscribe to your channel and you will be granted percentage money from these subscriptions.

If we use a twitch affiliate program as an example to the subscription program, you will get 50% (2.50 USD) for each subscription and will have possibility to get the money, after you earn at least 100 USD, so if you want to receive the money regularly every month you need at least 40 subs, or to get some money from the twitch currency Bits.

There are possibilities, how to try to raise the subscriber numbers, you can for example do some giveaways for the viewers or place a twitch prime extension on your channel. This way the viewers will be notified, if they have free twitch subscription, which can be used on your channel.

Also, a cool subscriber emote can motivate some viewers to subscribe to your channel, set up some Chatbot to sometimes spam your chat with your emotes, to notify the viewers how they look like. You can get cool personalized twitch emotes on the Fiverr or Placeit. More about emotes you can find in our other page.


Now we are getting a little bit on the higher level of the streaming income, because it is not as easy to access as donations or subscriptions. The ads run on every platform, but usually the money go to the provider and not to the streamer, but if you get your stream big enough, this changes and you will be granted a possibility to get money from the ads and control them. For example on the Facebook streaming, you will need to have about 50.000 followers and your stream must have 300 concurrent viewers, on the Twitch you have to reach Partnership programme size.

After reaching this milestone you will get money from the ads you start on your stream and every spectator, who sees it. But it is double edge sword, because ads will annoy your viewers quickly and you might loose them because of that. A lot of the viewers wants to be entertained permanently and they do not watch your channel just to see ads. Because of that a lot of streamers rather do not use them, because in overall they are just single digits percentage of the income and are not worth of loosing the viewers. Usually you loose more money on the possible donations or subs they you earn with the Ads.

Affiliate program – products

This is simple and mainly applies to the Youtube streamers, who even post videos on their channels. If you use some product or do a review of it, you can apply for the affiliate program (for Example Amazon) and earn money if someone buys the product you review.

The percentage really differs, on products like electronics you usually get about 2-10% commission, but some products like Ebooks and others have even higher commissions. The advantage. If you are a game streamer, as the most of you will be, the affiliate program has a little smaller value for you, because it is hard to promote something on a stream, but you can still add some links for the games, hardware and others. It do not bothers people and you can get some small commission from it.


Sponsorships are for the TOP streamers, who already achieved some audience backroud. Are you popular? Do you have many viewers? Do you think your stream has room to have some product placements? Then except, you will be contacted by some brand to promote them. This is a reward, that a lot of streamers wants to achieve and where big money are hidden.

The sponsorship can have many forms, you can become a team streamer for some esport organisation. When you achieve this you will be bound by a contract to promote the same brands as the organisation does, but you will receive a monthly fee for it.

Or you can be a freelancer and have your own contracts with different brands. This means the companies will contact you with offers to promote their products, it can be games, it can be hardware, it can be some food, drinks or gaming equipment. The contract details all the time varies a lot, but it becomes import income for the full time streamers.

But do not forget the number one rule. Less can be more, do not accept a deals, which can harm your stream in a long time and always consider the impact of the sponsor on your stream. If you will loose your viewers in a long time it can ruin you long time work. For example, if you will make a contract with a company selling gaming chairs, the impact on your stream will be almost non-existing. On the other hand if you will accept to play some boring game for whole month, after this month you can loose all your viewers, so think twice before you accept a deal.

Last words

Feel free to add your opinions on the monetizing the streaming, if you have any additional tips, write them in the comments and I will implement them to the article.

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