Streaming computer – CPU tips

Do you plan to buy a new computer or upgrade your CPU and decide you want to have it streaming ready? In this article, I will give you tips, which components to buy so your computer will stream without problems. Be aware, that some games might still cause some troubles and then it would be better to go with a dual computer setup. Purely streaming computers will be described in a separate article.

Why is CPU important for streaming? Because if you are not owner of the top end GPU your CPU will be the hardware part, which will be streaming your game to the world, because of that you need high quality CPU, so your stream would not be low quality.

CPU – AMD or Intel?

Computer processor unit will usually be the main part of your computer, because most of the streamers use CPu as their streaming unit. The other possibility is to use GPU.

These days most people agree that AMD – Ryzen CPUs are better for streaming then Intel, but Intel have not introduced its newer product line yet, so when it comes to the market it can rewrite these statistics and Intel can be competitive again.

Recommended CPUs

1. Ryzen 9 3900x

The best thing you can currently get on the market is Ryzen 9 3900x processor. The power of this CPU is amazing, on the other hand, its price is extremely high and therefore it is only for the streamers, who do not want to make any compromises. On the other hand the price is still friendlier then Intel i9-9900K, which has comparable performance.

Ryzen 9 3900x uses AM4 socket, this means it is compatible with older motherboards and it should not be big problem to upgrade to this version.

2. Intel i9-9900K

An alternative to Ryzen 3 3900x, this is one of the newest Intel processors with amazing specifications. It is fantastic for gaming and streaming. But with great features comes a high price, which makes this CPU unaffordable for variety of gamers and streamers. You shall think about this CPU mainly if you decide to stream high CPU usage games (PUBG, Total War series) and do not use dual computer setup.

One of the i9-9900k advantage is Solder Thermal Interface Material (STIM). STIM is a build in system to better transfer the temperature from the core to the cooler. It helps effectively reduce the CPU temperature under load, which will occur a lot during the stream.

3. Ryzen 5 2600X

This is a budget streaming CPU, if you do want to save some money and still have computer able to stream. With this AMD you won´t be able to stream high CPU usage games like Total War series, but for casual games like League of Legends and Dota, it will be enough.

4. Intel Core i7-8700K

CPU with an excellent gaming performance for an acceptable price with maximum clocking up to 5Ghz. It allows you to stream high-quality games like League of Legends, or middle-quality games like PUBG or Total War. Gaming without streaming should not be a problem for any game on the current market. With this CPU you will not make a mistake and will be satisfied for some time.

The main reason why this CPU is powerful is technology called hyperthreading, which allows higher performance.

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