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The Razer Seiren X or as I call it black beauty is streaming microphone ideal when you want to start streaming. The price is set to friendly less than USD 85.99, which is not a lot for a streaming microphone. Even the setup is really easy, it works on connect – start basis. This means you do not need to undergo long driver installation. You only have to plug in USB and are ready to go and begin streaming.

On the other hand, with it goes hand in hand the fact, that the microphone is not to much customizable, and software do not allow you to change your sound. For this you will need external application, but there are many of them.

The technical information about Razer Seiren X:

It is a condenser microphone designed for streaming computer games. On the microphone you can find a button for immediate mute and 3,5mm jack for headphones, which both comes handy while you are streaming. The small disadvantage is that microphone is super-cardioid. This means it only pick up sound from the front. Because of that you cannot use it for any interview podcast with more people around the table. This is in a contrast to the other competitors on the market (for example Blue Yeti) have customizable option of voice income. therefore you can choose if the microphone picks up the voice from all sides, front and back or only from the front. This is a big disadvantage of the Razer Seiren X.

Regarding the practical use, I found the Razer Seiren X really easy to use. It is small size so there is no problem to have this microphone on a table in front of the keyboard without being limited playing games. All vibrations are reduced quite well by the rubber pad under the microphone, so even mechanical keyboard is not a problem for the sound gate.

The color variants are black or white Mercury edition, which both looks really cool. If you are person, who appreciate packaging you will be happy, because the microphone is packed really well.

If you are looking for a practical cheap streaming microphone to start streaming I can recommend Razer Seiren X, go and check it on website.

My own feelings about the microphone everyday use:

I found out this microphone very practical. For everyday streaming, it is small enough and do not disturb me from playing. The sound quality is high. I frequently use the mute button on the microphone which indicates with green or red if the microphone is muted. The one thing I miss is a bow arm, because sometimes the microphone picks up the keyboard noise. This noise disturb my viewers or friends I play the game with. Solution is to set up an OBS noise gate.

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