Valorant –TWITCH King of April

It is a week since Valorant game was published in beta Version and it is the right time to evaluate the impact of this game on the streaming industry.


Valorant timing

Riot Games decided to make the game available in two rounds for certain streamers. In the first round, several of the most impactful streamers got and early access, to prove their skill in the matchup. This event was accompanied by the key drop possibility – watching the Valorant streams put you to the basket, from which will be picked winner who receive key to play the game.

In the second round on the April 7th, more streamers received access to the game, and while streaming they have key drops enabled on the streams. This highly increased the viewership of this game, because many people start watching streams with the drop chance in the expectation to receive the key.

The second reason for the game success was the perfect timing of the beta version. Riot Games had a little bit of luck in the world pandemic of COVID 19 and managed to time the release during the during quarantine times when half of the world is sitting home. In this situation, every possibility to try a new free game is a great opportunity for many players who would not have free time under normal circumstances.

Third point, why this game was predestined to succeed was the reason, it is going to be a free FPS game from the Riot Games company, creator of the League of Legends, which is one of the most watched games on the streaming platforms. This made Valorant highly expected by many players who do not usually play FPS games, but instead play MOBA games like league of legends.


These reasons resulted in the terrific numbers which Valorant reached during the first days after the publication. During publication time on April 7th2020 the viewership peaked about 2 million concurrent viewers. Most of these viewers not only watched one stream, but concurrently watched more streams at the same time, to see how their favourite streamers doing in this new game. We can find the numbers on TwitchMetrics.

Valorant numbers


The impact was growing numbers on the channels with drops enabled, as we can see 4 of 5 most growing streams in the recent month are the ones which stream Valorant. The impact is even bigger, if we the fact, these Valarant is published only for one week, and the statistics considering the numbers during the last 30 days.


In the total numbers Valorant manage to outrun even the Riot Games golden egg – the old Twitch King, League of Legends, while in one week it had more hours watched, then League of Legends during whole month.

Other platforms

On other platforms the impact had not been as high as on the Twitch, the reason is, that drops were only enabled on the Twitch platform, soaking the viewers interested in this game. If this is good or bad is a question, because it might signal that in the near future other game publishers will pick the same method of access, this might result in more streaming fragmentation, while platforms start competing, to gain unique access to stream certain game.


In the near future the Valorant numbers will go slowly down with expectation to rise up again during summer 2020 while the Alpha version will be released.

Should you stream Valorant?

Yes, the game currently have high viewership because it is fresh and new. Your viewers will be interested, how do play this game, while waiting for the key drop (maybe on another stream, but it is possible to watch even your channel at the same time).

If you do not stream on twitch, but on another platform do not worry, yyour chances are even bigger to be seen with Valorant. Currently for example on Mixer the leading streamer with Valorant is Ninja, but on the front page you can see streamers with 5-10 viewers, which might result in your stream to be easily found by viewers.

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