7 thing that every streamer should have and use

1. Computer

Nevertheless if you play the game on a console or a computer (or laptop), you shall always have on for the streaming. Quality of your stream from the computer will always look more fabulous compare to the stream from consoles. This is mainly caused by the fact, that computer allow you to use multiple software to stream (such as OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Studio, XSplit, Lightstream and others). These differ from the console. Because you can adjust your stream in the way how you and your viewers like it).


2. Microphone

Microphone for a streaming is necessary, unless you are a godlike player on the top of the standings crushing competitive scene (in this case people would watch you to improve and you would reach certain viewership without any effort). For us other mortals, use a mic to communicate with your viewers, this help you to boost your interaction with viewers. The mistake I often see on streams is that people have a mic, but barely use it. If you are a streaming, it is fine if you are silent during high tension gameplay, but if there is calm moment in the game – SPEAK! SPEAK! SPEAK!

Razer Seiren X is a good choice, it is small and with good quality

3. Webcam/Camera

If you want to hide yourself from the world, then maybe streaming is not the best are for you, or at least your progress will be slower. Many people, while visiting your stream give you first 5 seconds to see if your stream look interesting to them. If you do not appear on the screen, you lower your chances for them to stay.

If you want to use a camera instead of a small webcam it is not a problem, many top streamers are going with big bulky cameras, which providing amazing focus.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

4. Alerts

You are not using alerts on your channel? START! It is important part of every stream. For the viewers it is nice if they activity appear on the screen, they will feel acknowledged by other viewers at this moment and it will boost they will interact you even more. Believe me, if you follow a channel, subscribe, or donate and you do not see your name and message floating on the screen you will feel sad. Do you want to feel sad? No? Then imagine you are you viewer and make yourself happy and add some cool animation appearing on your stream.


5. Clean room

You do not have fancy gaming chair, full RGB setup or millions of gaming collectibles? It is fine, these are minor upgrades you your stream, which might make it look more entertaining. The fact if your room looks like a garbage collecting site would disturb your viewers ad they will focus on the mess, not on you and sooner or later will leave your stream. To reach this at least collect all dirty clothes and dishes from the camera view. You will feel better streaming in this environment and your viewers will be happier as well.

6. Second monitor screen

Do you think your gaming screen is enough you to fully enjoy the game and you will always alt+tab to watch what is going on your channel? Or watch your chat on the phone? Stand up, go to store and buy any screen you see there you like and can afford. If you streaming on one monitor your reactions to chat will be slow, if you will react at all. This will make your interactions with stream absurdly slow and people will lose interest.

7. Good lightning

Lets call this as an upgrade compare to previous 6 points, but a good lightning will boos your stream. It can easily be solved by switching on the lights in the room or buying a LED ring light which you put next to your camera. This way you will be visible on stream. This is nice if you are a late night streamer without chance to have daylight in your room.

GTX STUDIO 480 LED Ring Light

Bonus TIP – RTX Voice

I did not mention this before because this depends on your graphic card, but this software by Nvidia is an amazing AI reducing bacround sound from your stream. No more noisy keyboard click, no more dog barking, no more cars from outside. On the other hand this software is new and sometime bugs and make your voice sound bad until you restart your mic.

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