Sea of Thieves – TIPS for new players and streamers

A few days ago, Sea of Thieves was released on Steam (ow available on XBOX, Microsoft Store, and Steam) which cause an increased number of new players starting with the game. I have started to play this game one week ago and spent quite a bit of time with it during this week reaching pirate legend. Because of this, I decided to make an article with tips for new players on how to fully enjoy this game.

Should you buy this game?

NO! Do not buy this game! It is available with XBOX pass, which costs 1 EUR during the first month. This way you can try this game and decide to buy it or not. Overall I would highly recommend you to get this game with Xbox pass or just buy it right away. It went through huge development progress since it was released and now has amazing graphics and a lot of in-game content.

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This game has quite short, but a good tutorial. You will run through a map, kill few skeletons, learn how to dig out treasure chest, and find items on your ship. In the end, you will shortly sail your ship on the open ocean.
After this tutorial, you will go to the game server with other players, and receive first your first mission.

What to do in the game

In the game you have two modes – Adventure – an open world with other players, where you play voyages, fight forts, and doing tall tales. And Arena – where you find with other players for chest, receive points in limited time.
As a new player, you will probably start with an Adventure mode to sail the open world and play voyages. These you pick at one of the 3 main trading companies – Order of Souls, Gold Hoarders, and Merchant Alliance. Every Alliance has a different type of voyages (missions). Once you get a map with treasures, you need to find and kill skeleton captains or deliver cargo. Worth mentioning is also the company of Reaper´s Bone, this is PVP oriented company and I recommend play this when you advance little bit more in the game. To get the voyage you need to visit a store of that company and buy it from the representative, these can be found in every outpost. After you need to go to your ship, propose the voyage on the table and vote for it. This will cause a quest to appear in your quest log (under E keybinding).

From here you only have to go to this island to complete your quest and go back to sell your cargo or start another voyage.
Other options for you are tall tales. These are stories of the Sea of Thieves world and usually take an hour or two to accomplish. In these stories, you solve riddles and travel the ocean from island to island.

Unlocking items in the Sea of thieves

It must be mentioned, in Sea of thieves you have no in-game progress regarding equipment – you have all at the start except cosmetic items (your weapons can be changed on your ship, you have all at the beginning). During the game, you will receive in-game gold coins and doubloons, which you can use to buy these cosmetics items.

What you progress in the game is reputations with different companies, allowing you to unlock better voyages ad when you reach level 50 with all of them you will become a Pirate Legend and will find a new secret trade company. This took me about 6 days to achieve, so no big grinding.

Play with others

The best way how to learn the Sea of thieves I found out? Play with other players, not only you are less vulnerable to be sunk by a more experienced player, but you also get experience from them, since they usually play longer than you and can explain to you, game mechanics.
If you have no friends currently playing this game, visit the Sea of thieves Facebook community group or Discord channel. Here you can find many other players willing to play the game. When you play with others, if you cooperate well you fasten your game progress, since you multiply the loot you can get.

Twitch drops for Sea of Thieves

Sea of thieves often has time-limited events both in-game or on Twitch. This allows you to receive cosmetics items and emotes in the game. For the Twitch drops you have to link your Twitch account and your Sea of Thieves account (XBOX account).
Why and how to stream sea of thieves?
If you want to stream sea of thieves you can opt to join Sea of Thieves Creators – this way you will receive in-game cosmetics for streaming the game. If you wondering how to set up your stream check guides on this page.


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