Tricks for small streamers to increase viewership

Small streamers sometimes struggle to increase their viewership numbers. Why is it? Because there are many streamers, competing for the same audience. If you want to improve your numbers, you have to do something special, what will make you different from other streamers playing and streaming the same game as you do. I will give you inspiration, what event you can run on your stream, to attract new viewers, and make them loyal to your stream.

 1. Play with your viewers

Does this advice always take a number one spot on every list? Do you ask WHY? Because people who are browsing small streamer list are bored usually bored with big streamers and want more interaction. The best way how to interact with them is during the game. Even if they are not the best, they are your viewers, play with them, let them have fun with you. As your reward, they will follow your stream and pop to watch you every once in a while to say hello. Every time you play with a viewer you have a great opportunity to get a loyal viewer.

2. Notify your teammates 

Whenever you play multiplayer games always notify other players that you are live streaming game you play with them and ideally share your stream link with them, they can come and check your game. Personally what I consider an amazing option is your discord channel. During games like GTA online or Sea of Thieves, I found out you need teammates to play? Where to find them, on big discord channels about the game. If you play with them, ask them to join your discord voice channel where it is visible you are streaming, even tell them in-game. They might come to check your channel to see who they play with and stay there.

3. Change your in-game name – share information about your streaming Channel

Have you ever been killed by a player who has the name xxxTwitchTV? What were your thoughts? Mine is usually to hop to their stream and watch how they react, this way they got the most important thing they could – my attention and chance to boost their stream. From this point, it depends only on the stream quality if I stay and hand in there or leave.

4. Give your in-game loot to your viewers as a small giveaway

Do you play some game, where you get some in-game loot live GTA online, where you get millions from heists, Worl of Warcraft where you get items from mythic 15 dungeons? If your answer to this question is yes you can easily share your game items with your viewers. Depending on your stream, you can take every new follower or subscriber some in-game content, it does not cost you anything except your time, for them, it might be a huge gift and they will feel happy.

4. Run a giveaway

This is mainly a short term boost for your stream but requires an investment from you. You can run a giveaway on your channel for a game or some, in-game currency, computer peripherals, and many others. If you use extensions like you can easily run this giveaway to force participants to follow your channel and social sites. This will increase your numbers, the problem is, that these will not be loyal fans of your and come mainly for the giveaway, but with hard work, you can transform them to your loyal viewers and friends. If you need any help to set up and share your giveaway contact me on

5. Be active on social sites

 If you are streaming, be active on social sites, if anybody asks for help, answer them, there is a chance they will check your profile and follow you. For example, if someone asks for advice in a Facebook group, answer them from your streaming profile, also write on Reddit thread an so on. DO NOT forget to share on all your profiles information when you go to live to stream, people might come to watch.

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