How to run the best streamer giveaway

If you are a streamer, I am sure you consider different steps on how to increase your viewership. On of the possible method is a giveaway. This giveaway can be separated into 2 main categories – a giveaway to attract new viewers to your profile or giveaway to reward your loyal viewers. These differ a lot and you shall apply different approaches for each of them and use different methods for your giveaway. If you do not wanna read this article, contact me, and I will set up a giveaway for you!

Giveaway to get new viewers

As many small streamers know one of the hardest things on the streaming platforms is to attract new faces to your stream. Unless you appear on the first page, it is hard for new viewers to find your stream no matter how amazing your channel is. For this purpose, you can run a giveaway determined to get new followers and subscribers.

The best way how to run this type of giveaway is to publish on other platforms, then you are currently streaming. You can publish your giveaway on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social account.

There are multiply programs, which you can use for the giveaway. For the streamers one of the best ones is This platform has a free and paid version. Why is it so good to use this software? Because you can promote not only your stream channel but also all your social pages. How does it work? You set up a giveaway and choose how many options you want – for example lets say you are a Twitch streamer, what would be the best options for you for entries to your giveaway?

  • Follow on your Twitch account – this is really important, because, hey let’s be honest, this is where you want your participants to end
  • Follow on Instagram – where you notify them, that you go live and share your cool pics
  • Follow on Twitter – where you share your gaming ideas and notify if you go live
  • Daily entry – so your viewers will come to check your giveaway every day

What shall be the winner price?

Always consider your budget and the content of your stream. Do you stream some game that uses in-game currency life Fortnite? Well, most of your potential viewers probably play this game, and currency would be nice for them. Reason to participate, right? If you are variate streamer streaming the newest games? Decide what game you will play for the next several days and do a giveaway for it.

The rule that applies – the better the price, the more participants you get, the bigger will impact on your stream. But if you are streaming for fun, stay on the ground and do not buy any ultra-expensive stuff for the giveaway, chances are you spend more then will be the impact.

How to promote your giveaway?

Use your social site powers – post the information with a link on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and sometimes refresh this information. Let’s say you run a giveaway for a week, upon publishing spam it everywhere and after 3 days repeat.

Other places where to publish are Facebook groups and discord channels related to your gift, people interested in the game will check it.

Another possibility is to cooperate with another influencer (for example me, so leave me a message in the contact form 😊 ), these can easily help you promote your giveaway among the gaming community and spread the news, the best thing you do not have to pay them for this service, you can offer them one entry to visit their channel as well, you get the promotion, and they get a position in your entry form – some people will visit their channels as well. This is a win-win situation.

In the end, the giveaway app will close the entries at the setup time, and pick up a winner from all the entries. After you will announce the winner and send him a reward.

But be aware, giveaway might boost your channel and attract new viewers, but after it is hard work and you have to keep those viewers, otherwise they leave and you wasted your money, energy and time for nothing. So when you run a giveaway, do it in times when you plan to stream a lot.

Advantages of paid versions

If you plan to do giveaways often you can even go with a paid version, this allows you to add more advanced entries, like Twitch subscription or joining discord channel. On the other hand, this feature is expensive and you must apply for a yearly plan minimum.

Giveaway for your longtime viewers

This is a kind of different giveaway because you are not trying to attract new viewers to your channel as much as you are trying to reward your loyal viewers and there are many amazing ways how to do this.

The best way is to use programs like StreamElements and similar. The principle is quite easy – you set up a point system for watching your stream, subscribing, donating. All the viewers on your channel will receive points with this system. After some time you can decide to run a giveaway for which these points can be used. It depends purely on the viewers, how many points they are willing to invest in the giveaway, and how much to keep for the next one.

The advantage of this giveaway is, that you are rewarding your loyal viewers, and motivate them to stay on your stream as much time as possible, which increases your numbers and visibility of your channel. The disadvantage is, that you won´t attract as many new viewers as with the open giveaway.

Which giveaway to choose?

I would say, that this depends on your stream viewers numbers, if you are about +/- 50 viewers I would say you can try for the loyal viewer’s giveaway, especially if your incomes from donations and subscription will cover the cost of the giveaway, on the other hand, if you are small streamer reaching 1-5 viewers go with the open giveaway, try to reach new faces and work your hardest to make them stay on your channel.

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