Why do you stream for 1 viewer on Twitch?

As a streamer, you have many platforms, where you can start streaming – Mixer, Facebook Gaming, Youtube Gaming, and the biggest one of all – Twitch.

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Twitch platform has the highest amount of viewers of all of these platforms reaching up to 1,5 B hours watched per April 2020. This almost triples to the nearest competitor in Youtube Gaming. For this reason, it is gread idea to start streaming on Twitch, because the maximum potential where can your channel grows is bigger than Youtube, Facebook, or Mixer.

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On the other hand, there are some cons coming up with this. Try to guess how many streamers there are on Twitch. Well. The latest numbers on the platform are reaching about 6 million individual streamers on the Twitch platform in April 2020. The problem coming up with this is that you will always compete with many other streamers for the same audience.

If you are willing to participate in this competition and fight for your time to shine, great, but before read this article with tips, how to do this without wasting your time, streaming for 1-2 viewers for next year, spending your money, and give up after you do not grow.

Problem with Twitch

The main problem on the Twitch for you as a new streamer is discoverability. This means, if you will stream highly popular games, you will find yourself on the 50. Believe me, there might be about one person per day, who will visit your channel this finding you on the Twitch. Many of you reading this article will now ask a question – but how can I appear on the front page? The answer is simple, you can´t unless you have more viewers.

Solution how to get discovered

Because of the fact, it is hard to be found on Twitch, you have to overcome this problem and build community elsewhere. The best possible platform, where you can start, is Youtube. It is because Youtube, contrary to the Twitch has implemented more ways how to show new content to their users and therefore the chance for you to build the Youtube community is easier than to build community on Twitch from scratch. At the same time, on Youtube you can show your gameplay better than on other social sites, there are only exceptions when somebody will watch Instagram montages and gameplay because Youtube was born for this and nowadays is best for this.

Although even on Youtube apply the rule – you must provide high-quality content to shine and attract more audience. For this, I recommend you – limit your stream time on Twitch by one day and spend this time creating content on the Youtube channel. This can be all sorts of video, but my personal recommendation is to make guides for other players.

Do you ask why? Because guides will attract your youtube audience to your Twitch channel, they will watch you resolve quests on Youtube, will follow your guide step by step and well, if you follow you like this, one additional step you can mention in the video is to follow you also on your Twitch channel, to see your action live.

What to do and what not

Do not waste your money on stuff such as logo and expensive overlays (I am here a little bit against myself since I sometimes craft them). Get your overlay for free somewhere (for example here) and instead of logo use your picture. You will be completely fine and will save you money. If you wanna invest in your stream spend your cash on following in this order:

  • The best microphone you can afford
  • Good webcam
  • Better computer
  • Personalized animations
  • Second computer determined for streaming
  • Someone to edit your video
  • Logo

Absolutely nobody will stay watching your Twitch channel, because you spent 1.000 USD on your logo, more important is high-quality content, this will be determined by you and your peripherals used for streaming, an especially good microphone is important, because it has a huge impact on how the viewers rate your stream.

The ideal schedule?

For the best possible schedule, you have to divide your time between streaming and creating other content. As a beginner, there is no reason send 7 days a week streaming, because as above mentioned reason – low discoverability on Twitch. At the same time, you cannot skip this platform completely if it is your final destination where you want your audience. For this reason, the best solution is to stream about 2 or 3 days a week on Twitch, at a scheduled time.

Another day or two you will need for for creating your Youtube content, especially if you are new to the editing. These skills you take you some time to learn, but it is worth it.

The rest of the week, spend it sharing your youtube guides in different Facebook groups, discord channels, spend your time tweeting with others and post some pictures on Instagram. This way you will grow the knowledge about you, your brand about the channel and you will attract more attention then streaming every day for one viewer.

What else can you do to grow your channel? Check my other articles, and follow Begin Streaming socials!

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