This is page, which will hopefully help you to set you up and start streaming career. And maybe one day you will become one of the most successful streamers.

But be aware, streaming is not easy as it looks, and only the best succeeds in the battlefield. Before you start streaming, you have to expect, that the success does not come immediately. It is long time run, and in the best only few will become world know.

The purpose of this page, is to help you up with the start of your streaming career, in several articles explain, how to set up streaming software, what hardware requirements you shall have, which site to use for streaming and how to set up all the features that these pages offers to the viewers, so your start will be faster, then it would be without any advice.

When I have personally started streaming, I was browsing many pages, and with all of them I have set up best possible solution for my stream, which was combination of cost effectiveness and good streaming quality. But there are many options, so I will try to cover all the topics, I was wondering about and describe them on this page.

If you will have any comments or tips, what I can include, I will be glad to read all ideas in the discus page.