Facebook live streaming

Let’s face it – facebook live streaming is tedious for some gamers. A few of the reasons for this are other broadcasting software is tough to handle. (You need to have technical experience to handle some broadcasting software).

That’s going to change when you set up live streaming games on Facebook. Alright, I know newbie live streamers are wondering how they can use Facebook to steam their favorite games.

Facebook for streaming games, is it easy to do?

Of course, yes and you don’t need to be an expert video streamer to do it. You see, Facebook isn’t only a place to upload pictures and videos. (You can also do other cool things here.)ook for streaming games, is it easy to do?

Experts are always looking for innovative ways how to make live streaming (games) easy and comfortable for new and pro gaming creators. The good news is live streamers can do that in following simple steps.

  1. Visit Facebook.com/live/create and you click Create Live Stream.
  2. Choose which software you want to use for your stream (OBSWirecast or XSplit.) (Check our OBS Guide)
  3. Select the place where you want the stream posted (you choose either in a group or your timeline) then click Next.
  4. Copy the stream key and the server URL into the app of your choice.
  5. Give a name for your stream and then specify the game you want to play or you’re playing.
  6. For your streaming app selection, you click Start Streaming.
  7. Last, you click Go Live once you see the preview of the stream on Facebook.

That’s it! Now you’re live on Facebook and can stream your favorite games. Your friends can now watch you conquer the competition in playing games. Gamers are now ready to play any game they want.

Facebook makes it happen for streamers and gamers. But that’s not all.

Gamers can monitor their chat room using Facebook and see a feed of their streams. (With this, you would know everything is alright.)  Here’s another bonus – gamers can also download videos of their broadcasts once these are finished.

Facebook streaming

Don’t stop there because live streaming your games on Facebook offers you the following:

  • Auto-fil Stream Information – This feature pulls and prefill the stream information (title, description and more.) from a scheduled stream or last stream.
  • Stream Schedule – Let your friends know that you’re live streaming a game using the Stream Schedule feature.  When gamers schedule a live video, the announcement comes out in News Feed.
  • Automated Notification – Gamers would receive a notification once they approach their stream limit. (Facebook only allows gamers to stream up to four hours before a notification is sent to them.)
  • Embedded Chat – Anyone cans see chat interactions with this feature – Embedded Chat. So, your friends don’t miss out the interactions you have on your present or last stream.

Facebook plans to add another feature – the Facebook Alert Support so that gamers receive notifications when they like, share and follow.  So, are you ready to stream your favorite games on Facebook?

Don’t miss to go Live on Facebook today by setting-up live streaming games. Experience easy and fast live streaming anywhere and anytime.

Happy streaming everyone!