Mixer Streaming guide

Do you want to be trendy and follow the world biggest streamer NINJA? Then you shall begin streaming on the Mixer, currently one of the biggest streaming platforms. This Mixer streaming guide will help you to start.

Even it is far behind other platforms in the viewer’s numbers (Twitch, YouTube and Facebook) it is an opportunity for you! As a new streamer, you will have a chance to rise up your popularity. On the Mixer, there is a significantly lower streamers competition. When you start your stream, you will be on the front pages. On the other hand, you cannot expect as many viewers as the Twitch offers.

Mixer guide

How to start

At the start, you have to create a Mixer account, but since it is owned by Microsoft you probably already have one. It is the same account as you use for your Microsoft applications.

After that, you have to request your streaming key. This process takes up to 24 hours because Mixer processes your application at this time. After this process is complete, you can connect your streaming software with your Mixer key and go live! In the meantime, you shall use your time to set up your streaming software. If you are completely new to the streaming, check our OBS setup guide where you can find information how to set up you streaming software. If you are already experienced streamer, who is jsut changing platforms, change you streaming key in your streaming software and you are ready to go!

Do you ask, where to find your Mixer streaming key? Here: your profile > Broadcast Dashboard > Click the icon to copy the key – Paste it into OBS or XSplit (or others).

Editing your Mixer profile.

Same as for other platforms, you shall set up your profile to look professional, it does not include only having a cool looking stream, but even filling the offline screen, setting up a profile picture, panels under the stream and connecting your social networks (Mixer has a special panel for them. These panels can be modified in the Customize bookmark.

Panels we recommend you are: About me, Computer setup, Streaming Schedule and Bot commands if you decide to use it.

Mixer streaming advantages

Compare to the biggest Twitch, Mixer has a lower latency, which allows streamers and viewers interract without delay. Do you remember writing to the chat and streamer seeing the message half a minute later? This is the past with the Mixer.

There are more things that Mixer offers. One of those advantages is Mixer Sparks. This currency is gained by watching and interacting in the stream, and as well as streaming. These sparks can be used for interacting with other streamers, to pop up some action on their stream. Usually, this is done by a hypertext link inserted in your streaming software, but on Mixer, it can be done without difficult software settings.

Mixer streaming guide

How to add pop-ups to your stream?

If you are not sure how to add pop-ups to your stream, check our Streamlabs guide, where you can find an easy way how to do everything, compare to another platforms, Mixer allows you to add direct notification to the stream, without external software. You can customize these in the Broadcast tab. You can set up notifications for:

  • Hosting message
  • Subscriber announcement
  • Follower announcement

Which game to stream on the Mixer to grow fast?

Currently, the platform is popular among the Fortnite games, who started watching streamers hereafter Ninja decided to leave the Twitch for the Mixer. Other popular games, which are top on the Mixer list are Paladins, PUBG, and Apex. Overall, we can say it is mostly popular for shooter games.

How to get information about your stream? Mixer Analytics

Mixer anylatics let you see all details you will need to know, if your stream is growing. Use these numbers to see, which game your viewrs like, and how they react to different situations.

You can find information about views, sparks, follows, subscriptions and others.


Mixer allows you to stream with your friend, which is a feature, that even Twitch introduced recently. You can create streaming group, and your viewers can switch between all the currently streaming members. This is extremely usefull for battle royal games – wehn you die, you viewers can watch the rest of the group.