POP-UPS – Streamlabs

Streamlabs – Pop-UPS

For the stream purposes, it is always nice to add more features to the stream. The most popular one is the stream labs https://streamlabs.com/ which allows you to personalize your stream and entertain the viewers with pop-ups.

Pop-ups are features, which appears on the screen when viewers or streamer start some interaction. There are variety of them, which stream labs allow you to determine.

When you log into stream labs you can see Alert box panel. In this panel you can customize your alerts. The import for us,. is the Widget URL. This URL is an identification key to your notifications. There is a code, which you copy into the OBS.

Adding to the OBS is through Source – Add – Browser. Here you insert your Widget URL and choose location of the alerts on the screen.

For the donations you will have to connect your PayPal or other payment method to the stream labels and put a donation bar on your stream panel.

Streamlabs – stream labels

Another feature that stream labs offer to your stream are stream labels. This is basically stream text overlay for your stream which is a widget to the Stream labs. The best way where to download Stream labels is in your Stream labs profile, where you always find the current version.

In the stream labs you can see all the recent events on the stream, followers, subscribers, donators and other. You can replay here their previous pop-up or cancel it from preview if it is for example rude.

Another feature which the Stream labs allow you to do is set up a text information on your stream, which informs about recent events. You can for example count and show your day (session) subscribers or show the most recent donator. This feature is interesting for your viewers and encourages them to engage with the stream more.

The text itself is created in the app. In this case the Text would be according to the picture: Last donation: Name and amount. When you want to add the text to the OBS you at first have to find, where it is saved, you can find it with the folder icon on the main screen of the Stream labels.

After you add the text by adding the Source – Text to the OBS. Instead of adding plain text you choose the Text file and find in the Stream labels folder the information you want to show on the screen.

Stream labels work really well with stream overlays, which are in the different Article on this website.