Twitch is the biggest game streaming platform and I will provide you with tip and trick, how to become successful streamer with a professional-looking Twitch page. If you landed on this page, you surely have visited Twitch before and saw many entertaining streamers online. Well, it is easy to be one of them and this Twitch guide will help you with that.

The first thing you have to do is start up a Twitch account. This is the easiest of all, just go and in right top corner click on Sign up. After in the save corner you can click on Settings and set up all the stuff for your stream.

If you are going to stream for the first time, check community guidelines, especially if you are new to the Twitch. the content you publish is strictly limited by these guidelines and if you breach them, your account will be banned.



Twitch dashboard is a page where you can see and edit information about your stream. If you want to add any information about yourself or the stream, it is the right place. Here you edit information like your stream name, game category, language and many others.

Twitch Dashboard

Keep in mind! Your stream name shall be interesting for the viewers and attract attention. Adjust your panels for your viewers so they can read information about you. If you want the viewers to stay longer, keep them interested in you. To get some interesting panels for your channel check our page Overlays, panels and other features. You can find more about panels lower on this page, keep reading 🙂

During the streaming, your dashboard will show Twitch chat, to which you can react and stream statistics about viewers, followers and subscribers.


Streaming on Twitch can be done on many different levels, you can be streaming from your gaming computer, you can have dual set-up, you can stream from your phone or use your console. All of these are possible, but requires a different type of hardware.

The most common on Twitch is streaming from your computer. The hardware requirements are set up by the software you gonna use for streaming, in overall, they are pretty high if you want to stream high-resolution content (Mainly CPU requirements)

Other periferals you gonna need are:

  • Webcam
  • Microphone

As additional many streamers use:

  • Greensscreen
  • Lightnings
  • Game capture card for dual setup or streaming from console
  • Streamdeck (this device triggers commands on the stream)


Before you will go online, you need a software for streaming. If you stream from your Playstation or phone you can go without any software except Twitch app. But if you gonna stream from your computer you shall use one of the determined software for streaming, which allows you to customize your stream. The recommended are:

  • OBS Studio – easy to set up, check GUIDE
  • Streamlabs OBS – almost the same as OBS, but with Streamlabs features
  • XSplit – the free version is not that amazing, but if you willing to go for the paid version it will do well
  • vMix – mostly used by pro streamers

When you will choose a streaming software you will need to connect it to your Twitch, this is done by the Twitch key. To find your key go-to Dashboard – Channel.

Twitch key


To entertain your viewers you shall get a chatbot. Chatbot is a software, which interacts with your chat, encourages to write and interact with a streamer. There are several chatbots your stream can use:

When you download and install a chatbot you connect it to your Twitch account. After your Chatbot will become a moderator of your chat with and will get a permission to write messages.

Messages you shall set up are to react when somebody follows your stream and later when someone subscribes. You can even set up periodical messages to ask the viewers questions or start competitions.


Twitch panels

Panels on the Twitch are one of the most important thing you can set up. It informs your viewers. The panels may among others include information about:

  • Streaming schedule
  • Social networks links
  • Donations
  • Chat rules
  • Ads
  • PC setup
  • Widgets (e.g. Spotify link, followers competitions)

The panels can be added on your profile main screen. Click on your icon in right top corner and go to channel, roll under the stream screen and press edit channels. Here you can setup panels which can be 320px width. You can add a hyperlink to them, so if viewers click on them they will be transferred to other page (for example donations).

Offline screen

Your stream will not be always online, for this purposes it is good to set up an offline screen. This is done in Settings – Channel and Video – Video Player Banner. In this section you find the offline screen set up. Offline screen might have size of 10 MB and format GIF, JPG, or PNG.

Fiverr design

The offline screen you can get on many web pages. For example, where you can get personalized one. Or on any following website:


If you thinking about using your emotes you will be disappointed at the start because Twitch does not allow you to have an emote in your chat straight away before you must become Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

Twitch Affiliate program

After you manage to set up your Twitch account you might consider to proceed to the next step. On Twitch you might become an Affiliate, which allows your stream to receive subscription from other Twitch members. From these subscriptions, you receive money from the Twitch.

To become an Affiliate your channel must meet certain requirements: 50 followers and over the last 30 days have at least 500 total minutes broadcast, 7 unique broadcast days, and an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers. This criteria may change as the program develops.

When your channel meets these requirements the button to become affiliate will appear on your stream. As affiliate you will receive new featers, like possibility to have subsribers, access to emotes and others.